How to Practice Responsible Gambling


How to Practice Responsible Gambling

How to Practice Responsible Gambling

With the availability of thousands of gambling sites across the globe, gambling has become highly available on computers, PCS, and game device. One does not have to visit the famous Las Vegas city to play poker, roulette or any other game of choice. Gambling can be very entertaining and profitable, that is why it is also addictive. One can sit for many hours gambling and have fun in it. However, for some people it gets under control, it becomes addictive and ends up losing too much money on it.

The good thing with problem gambling is that is not a permanent situation. There are many solutions available for victims ranging from positive personal actions to seeking professional treatment. Most times gamblers are able to notice a change in the gambling habits mainly because of the financial constraints it creates and the amount of time one spends while playing. However, some people simply fail to notice and if they do there is little they can do it by themselves. Sponsors who direct one on pointing out the condition are important at such times.

Identifying and recognizing a problem is the first step in practicing responsible gambling. If you are unable to keep to your betting limits and make jump-on decisions on whether to bet more, chances are that you are beginning to lose control in the game. Various criteria have been set up to diagnose problematic gambling. I will use the DSM-5, developed by American Psychiatric Association and used worldwide to diagnose the problem

The victim feels that increasing the number of bets during play makes it more fun and thrilling. This fun will be derived from the pride one takes from outdoing other players in the house during betting.

One is able to identify that there is a problem. However, attempts to set limits and cut down on gambling expenditure are depressing and uncomfortable. One feels there is lose whenever they are not playing.

One fails in several attempts to stop gambling as an individual or with the help of a sponsor.

One uses gambling as a way to relief stress, generate fun and run away from the regular world.

Most times are spend gambling making one neglect other things such as job and household responsibilities

One bet more to recover the lost loses hence end up losing more.

One’s betting activities have great impacts in their lives. It has caused a major family break up, divorce or loss of a job.

One has turned to rely on others for gambling money, taken bank loans or sold property to fund their otherwise expensive gambling habits.

If four and more of the above diagnosis applies to you, then it is advisable to seek help. Helping friends and loved ones who have gambling problems are very important. Many online casino has put up gambling groups and online forums where victims can share their problems and get help. There are trained professionals in the world who help individuals with problematic gambling. There also available hotlines in different states which allow one to call for free and get help concerning their problem. Apart from the gambler themselves, their families and other affected groups should also seek help. Sites such as Game-on and Betters anonymous are free organizations that offer worldwide help to gamblers and the affected parties. Most online malaysia casinos will also give you the option to exclude yourself for a given period of time, or to set a limit for the amount of money you bet in a day. No matter the game, gambling responsibly is the key to a more profitable gambling.

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