Physical Tennis Skills and Techniques


Physical Tennis Skills and Techniques everyone should know

Physical Tennis Skills and Techniques

In able to be a good tennis player, there are numerous of skills and techniques needed to master by a player. In simple explanation, tennis is all about focusing on the ball, moving quickly around the court to hit it. But when studied closely, there were certain skills and techniques the players are minding during the plays. Physical and mental skills are the two abilities that a tennis player must understand. Since this two are broad, I will only discuss in this article the physical skills needed to understand by a tennis player, don’t worry, mental skills will be discussed later on the next article.

The Physical Skills Needed to Understand by a Tennis Player

Physical tennis skills and techniques are important to understand especially for the starters, you should know the things that your body will face before committing yourself in tennis, or in any sports. You should be able to decide if your body is capable of the exhaustion a certain sport can get you in. tennis requires a player to have general athletic ability, hand-eye coordination, balance, and a good ball judgement.

General athletic ability defines how sporty a person can be. Under these are your abilities as a good player; it defines your speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. You need speed to move in your side of the court to catch the ball; agility comes with alertness and focus in catching up on your opponents hits. A good athlete has a flexible muscles and tendons for him to hit the ball that seems unreachable. Lastly, endurance is needed by players to stay up and at the play in duration of the game despite of exhaustion he’s into. Hand-eye coordination is quite explainable in tennis, once you played this game, you’ll eventually feel the need to enhance this skill. This skill is very important in livescore tennis. In every game, the parts of your body, especially your hand should respond quickly to what your eyes see. Your body should do the right move that your brain is telling you by simply seeing where the ball is. For beginners, numbers of drills are given to develop this skill. And for former tennis players, it is believed to be enhanced by numerous games and practices.

Hand-eye coordination is important especially when the game is played on fast track or quick. With good hand-eye coordination, you have more chances of winning the game. Balance is also very important in tennis. So if you happened to be clumsy, tennis is not a sport for you. It will only suit you if you overcome your clumsiness. Balance is needed so that in every move of the player he can well place his shot and perform accurately base on what he plans. If you want to play tennis without being injured, having a good balance is very helpful. For beginners, taking drills is very helpful to improve your balance. With this, in every hit you perform, you can eventually regain yourself and play as if moving and thinking comes naturally. Having a good ball judgement can develop naturally especially if you continuously play tennis. Determining the spin and speed of your opponent’s ball is needed for you to catch it. By playing tennis with different opponents that has different sets of mind, one can practice the outcome of the players hit, and this can improve one’s ball judgement over time.

Tennis involves a lot of physical activities. There are ways on improving these skills, either you take the drills or you continuously play or practice on every game you’re in. Improving those skills can also be a good health exercise while having fun! If you want to know about the mental skills a tennis player must possess in the game of tennis, all you have to do is check out the next article.

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