Positions in Volleyball


Positions in Volleyball

Positions in Volleyball

For starters, playing volleyball is not easy. You should first understand the game and learn the skills needed. These abilities are very important if you want to pursue this game. With this, you can now know which part or position in the team you play the best, and will probably you’re playing the position from there on. Don’t be bothered if you’re poor on a certain skill, it’s natural, no one is perfect, as long as you are good at something, and there will always be a position for you in the game.

Knowing the positions and its role in the game is important for a good and successful play livescore sports. Now let me discuss to you the positioning of players in a volleyball game. A volleyball team is composed of setters, libero, middle blockers or middle hitters, outside hitters or left-side hitters, and opposite hitters or right-side hitters.

The Positioning of Players in a Volleyball Game

Setters are the ones who organized the offensive team. Setting or overhead passing is an important part of successful attack sequence that is the pass-set-spike. As said in the sequence, set comes second, the second contact of the ball will be on the setter, and then it is up to her where the ball will be the pass, which most probably the hitter. For instances that the setter cannot get the second contact, she must yell ‘help’ to her teammates, then another teammate will set the rally. And if ever the setter made the first contact with the ball, she must yell ‘setter out’ so that her teammates will know that one of them must be the setter for the setter is out. If you aim to be a setter, you need consistency and concentration. You must always be a focus and must always have a good decision in every second of the game or rally.

Libero’s are the ones who wear the different color uniform than her team, if you want to have a different outfit than your teammates, be a libero! but being a libero is not easy. Libero’s are responsible for receiving serves and attacks, in short, they are defensive players. They are the ones who do a lot of digging and rolling to keep the ball in every play. In able to be a libero, you should have the ability and must be a good passer. In Italian, libero’s are called ‘free’ because, in a game, libero’s are the only player that can substitute position with her teammates on the court.

Middle blockers or middle hitters are the tallest players for they aim to block every hit from the opponent. They are called middle hitters because, in quick plays, they are the ones who hit the ball that makes the opponent’s defense confused. To become a good middle blocker, you must be a good reader of your opponent, you must determine where your opponent aims to land the ball and block it! You must also be quick on the court for you have to block the ball in different areas.

Outside hitter or left-side hitters this player hits from the left antenna. If you aim to be an outside hitter you must be a solid blocker and hitter because you probably get most sets because some inaccurate set usually lands to the outside hitters.

Opposite hitters or right-side hitter’s opposites the setters. Positioned in the right front. They are the task to defend the team in the front row. If you want to be an opposite hitter, you must be good in ball handling for you are the task to block and hit the ball. You should be ready to block the opponents outside hitters and always ready to hit the ball.

Those are the positions in volleyball, hope you gain knowledge in what I have discussed. In addition, mind that reading this will not automatically help you determine what position you will play. Practice and improving your skill will show you what is the rightful place or role for you in volleyball at the most reliable sports betting site.

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