TENNIS SKILLS: Mental tennis skills and techniques


TENNIS SKILLS: Mental tennis skills and techniques

TENNIS SKILLS: Mental tennis skills and techniques

Knowing the mental skills and techniques needed in tennis is as important as the physical skills and techniques discussed earlier. Knowledge is needed in everything that we do when it comes to sports, it not simply doing the things needed to perform the kind your sports you’re into. Like playing basketball, it’s not just shooting the ball, a player must estimate his distance and the amount of force that he needed to insert to the ball for it to shoot in the basket. In tennis, a player must focus on the ball throughout the game to win. Mental skills and techniques are involved in every play; this includes the player’s concentration, competitive spirit, problem-solving ability and also self-motivation.

Mental skills and techniques are very important

Concentration is an important skill in every sport. It’s needed by the player for them to focus on every play. In tennis, concentration is an essential skill. To be able to have a concentration in the court at plays means that the player is away from the distraction such as negative thoughts that can cause him to lose in the game. Concentration is needed in every serve and every hit of the tennis player, especially if he is a crucial point of the game and avoiding fouls. If you are willing to be at best in every livescore tennis match, you must have your full concentration in every match and every practice that you’re performing. Concentration in practices matters too because it will enhance your skill in competitions. The competitive spirit is needed especially if you are on singles; I say this because unlike doubles or team plays, you have someone to help and cheer you up in every set. In singles being a competitive player is necessary because being alone in the court, playing on your own can sometimes eat you up and can be tough whenever the scores are not in your favor. Your competitive ability defines your ability to handle different situations and makes you strive for winning in the game. Always take note that a player with the competitive spirit is not giving up until a winner is proclaimed.

Problem-solving ability of a player is to study his opponent in the game. In tennis, before matches begin, tennis players usually watches some recorded plays of his opponent to study his skill and technique then he will formulate his own game plan to beat his opponent. Sadly, most of the game plans fail for every match is different. When a plan doesn’t work, the problem-solving ability of the player is needed. A player must be smart enough in analyzing his opponent on the court and develop a plan that can help his win the favor of the game. One can enhance this ability in every play, given that he will face different opponents in every game, this way he will be able to formulate plans in different situations. Before anything else, Self-motivation is the very important skill that every player needed. As a beginner, once you enter a sport like a tennis, you must motivate yourself in playing this game. Having self-motivation is a number one requirement in everything; it is believed to be the key in successful plays. A player must give his interest in learning the sports that he wants. With this he will excel in the game and probably win is game. Professional players use self-motivation in order to win tough matches.

The player’s way of thinking things is a powerful tool in winning every game, can be in tennis and other sports. It will give you the advantage of winning in some way. A good example is how a worker performed when he start his day with good vibes surrounding him. I’m pretty sure that this kind of worker gets his works done and usually satisfies his boss. Same goes with the players, the outcome of the game is up to the mood and how he play.

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